Medieval illumination

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For Years Jaap Boerman worked as a teacher of Arts at the Wartburg College in Rotterdam. In his field of work he has been fascinated by Medieval manuscripts for over 30 years.Apart from their intellectual contents these manuscripts are highly qualified products of craftsmanship and visual arts. Many of these medieval manuscripts contains beautiful decorations ornated with gold.These manuscripts are bound in magnificent and richly decorated bindings. Precisely this process of arts- and craftwork is the starting point of his profession.

His own work consists of replica’s, personal designs and commissioned work in medieval style. Text, font style and decorations should form a unity that does justice to the specific imaging of that period in the Middle Ages. His works are painted on parchment with the use of gold leaf, gold paint and historical pigments. Medieval craftsmanship and recipes are very important by creating his work.

The study and collecting of medieval pigments and colorants is a part of his passion. For that reason he is called in his own family as the ‘alchemist’. He himself prefers to be called as a ‘illuminator’.

Apart from his craftwork he offers a course: ‘medieval painting’ and workshops in the Netherlands and Belgium.