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Exploring historical blacks

Black in medieval manuscripts In his book: ” The Materials And Techniques of Medieval Painting” writes Daniel V. Thompson: “The most important black […]


Dye, ink and pigment . Braziel wood was an important source for red- and pink-coloured hues in the Middle Ages. […]

Gum water

Gum Arabic, in addition to clarified egg white or also called glair, was one of the most used binders for making paint in manuscripts. Furthermore it was also used as an adhesive for applying gold leaf. (Gold ground).

┬áVine black – Noir de vigne – Rebenschwarz

Vineyards in the Champagne region, France. In an earlier post on Burgundian black, I wrote: “Besides ink, several other blacks […]


Clarified egg white or glair Binders in medieval paint recipes In this post, I would like tot start discussing the […]

Iris green

About a vegetable colour green on the medieval palette Most of you know them, blue irises, beautiful flowers with a […]